Green Coffee – Pure Extract

A lot of it has been written about the green coffee lately and almost all of us are familiar with its benefits and effects. Until now, it has been sold at the Croatian marketplace in many forms, from a mixture with instant coffees to tablets. There are also many fake coffees at the marketplace which contain nothing of green coffee extracts. Q-labos Green coffee is a pure extract, as its name says it is a pure extract of green coffee without any additives (which you used to pay for the price of the extract). And with a very high proportion of chlorogenic acid ((chlorogenic acid) chlorogenic acid at HPLC 51.24%)), which is an extremely high value since the pharmaceutical industry uses 45% of Clorogenic acid. Q-labos green coffee extract comes in a form of powder. The highly-pure extract concentration can be consumed in a very simple way. At the Croatian market it is available in two packages: the 20 grams (enough for 20 days), and the 65 grams (enough for 65 days). Q-labos products are a guarantee for the quality and the effects of the product. All products that carry the Q-labos guarantee label make a guarantee to the clients that we took care of them buying the highest quality product that is available at the world market. All Q-labos products are sold exclusively in pharmacies or through our web shop. With this practice we avoid the appearance of fake products of suspicious origin. The method of application is also very simple because you no longer have to drink tablets that you usually forget, or drink beverage flavors that you simply do not like. Simply place the recommended daily amount of 1 gram in any of your favorite prepared drink (coffee, tea, juice, etc.). Tablets with a high extract proportion are about 800 mg, and by using pure concentrate this adds up to 1000 mg. One pack in this way is sufficient for approx. 65 days of use, which makes this product very affordable compared to the competition. Method of application: One to two times a day (400 to 1000 mg), before meals. The product can be taken separately or can be mixed with other ingredients (eg. Coffee, tea, cold drinks). Ingredients at a daily dose of 1g: Green Coffee Extract, 100% = 1g Green Coffee Extract (Green Coffee Bean Extract 100%) with a high level of chlorogenic acid (chlorogenic acid) Chlorogenic acid at HPLC 51.24% Caffeine at HPLC 2.8%


Not recommended for children under the age of 16, people aged over 65, pregnant women and persons sensitive to caffeine. Note (under Article 6. Ordinance on food supplements (NN, No.46 / 11 and 41/13)): Keep out of reach of small children. The recommended daily doses should not be exceeded Dietary supplements are not a substitute or replacement for a balanced diet When taking medication, please consult your physician Keep stored in a sealed container at a cool, dark place
With the satisfaction of green coffe consumption the results also come Green coffee slimming product is obtained from the finest quality organic coffee beans and the drinking of it can fit into the daily lives of people. The pleasure of drinking coffee is replaced with a green coffee without changing habits or taste of your coffee. Green coffee – GreenCoffee Qlabos ™ – is a unique product which is based on its own protected recipe. (Qlabos Green Coffe Extract demonstratively does not contain any harmful substances) Chlorogenic acid   (Data in the text above represents the results of previous tests and it is not an effects’ guarantee. Each person is specific and he or she has different effects’ results). The method of preservation: Store in a dry place at room temperature. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoons a day, 400 to 1000 mg. The product can be taken separately or it can be mixed with other ingredients (eg. Coffee, tea, cold drinks).

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