About us


Our mission is to always offer a superior product with an efficient composition at affordable prices for everyone. We strive for recognition of Qlabos products and our client has to be 100% sure that we took care of him or her buying the highest quality product that is available at the world market.


We develop awareness regarding the importance of health preservation through nature and knowledge, and we also develop a healthy way of life and diet. We strive to meet today’s nutritional needs and enhance the awareness of physical activity which develops health benefits through ingredients from the natural resources obtained by scientific innovations.


We follow the highest business standards on all levels, and we are also on an everyday look out for inovations regarding food supplements in order to offer you the highest quality product available on the market.


Our promise: We think globally

Six things you need to know about Qlabos:

  • We are the only manufacturer that offers pure extracts in the most natural form, without any additives.
  • The control of products, from the purchase of raw materials to sales, is never done randomly but it adheres to the strictest world standards.
  • Security is a serious matter. We have done our homework.
  • The service begins with a unique range of products, but this does not end here. We work with our clients on development of customized solutions to our mutual satisfaction.
  • Innovation is at our core. It is not only that we only offer innovate products, but also we help our customers to transfer uniqueness of these products through marketing and sales support.
  • Science make a crucial difference. Our ideas often seem impossible to realize in the beginning, but through research, partnerships with the leading research institutions and rigourous testing, our scientists produce innovations with unmatchable functional advantages.

Virido labo d.o.o.

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